Your Web API is Not the WWW

One of the most common techniques used by the REST faithful to shut down any questioning of the faith is to appeal to the WWW. This post attempts to establish the fallacy of such an appeal.

A Question on Aggregate APIs and Microservices

I received the following question from one of our service teams last week and thought it was likely the type of issue that a lot of you are dealing with (or have solved) in our current world of 'microservice all the thingz!'

An API by Any Other Version

Version 3 of my thoughts on API versioning. Spoiler: It's all just about names.

Thoughts on a Next Generation API Gateway

Today's API Gateway products are geared towards addressing deficiencies in upstream services rather than adding unique value. I have some thoughts on what a next-generation, value-adding gateway might look like.

Linked Data and Mutations

Whenever talk about linked data, there are generally 2 questions that get asked: what are the practical benefits of applying linked data principles and how do you handle mutations (changes) to data? This addresses the latter.