Generating Documentation Sites for Linked Data Vocabularies

Over the last few weeks I've been working on a Metalsmith plugin that will generate Web documentation similar to for any RDF vocabulary

Linked Data and Mutations

Whenever talk about linked data, there are generally 2 questions that get asked: what are the practical benefits of applying linked data principles and how do you handle mutations (changes) to data? This addresses the latter.

Service Ownership and Linked Data

It's hard to tease apart services. It's easier to tease apart data.

A Linked Data Overview for Web API Developers

For a while now, I’ve held the belief that the biggest reason people get the whole “REST" thing wrong is because they are looking at Roy Fielding’s doctoral dissertation – the paper that coins the term “REST” - as a prescription for how to design APIs. There are 2 things wrong here that I think explain the current state of the API world when it comes to REST. First, is the idea that the terms and descriptions in the paper can be exclusively applied to the server.