A Question on Aggregate APIs and Microservices

I received the following question from one of our service teams last week and thought it was likely the type of issue that a lot of you are dealing with (or have solved) in our current world of 'microservice all the thingz!'

The "Must Haves" for a Service-based Architecture

There are lots of options and even more opinions about how to properly build a service-based system. Here, we cut through the buzzword bingo and get back to the fundamentals.

Untangling a Monolith

We all have see them; most of us have to deal with them; many of us contributed to writing at least one of them. Legacy code bases tend to evolve over decades and will with rare exception get messier and more entangled as a function of the number of people working on the project and the lines of code they produce (a phenomenon that seems pretty consistent with the rest of the known universe).