My Reading List, Spring 2018 Edition

Every now and then, somebody asks me what I'm reading. Here's the current list.

Reading List: Business and Management

I was asked by a colleague recently to share my backlog of business and management related books, so I wanted to share them with you as well.

Reading List: Web APIs, REST, Linked Data

In response to my recent post on Swagger and REST, I was asked the following on Twitter: Rather than a Twitter stream of references, I thought I would just consolidate my resource list here. Note that for the most part, this list is limited to books. While I’ve put a few canonical Web documents on here, it’s nearly impossible to go back through and chronicle every blog post and article that has shaped my thinking.

Research List

I’ve been kind of quiet in the weeks since leaving Microsoft. It’s been a good quiet - in fact, the best kind of quiet there is. It’s the quiet the results from being completely overwhelmed, engrossed, and excited about the challenge ahead. I’ll describe some of these challenges over the next few weeks in more detail, but one of them is about making large scale architectural and technology shifts. Specifically, my team is out in front, figuring out the best way to design and build lots of interoperating large-scale services that run reliably and cheaply in the public cloud.