My Workflow v2

Some friends of mine recently released a podcast episode on the topics of attention management related tools, and it turned out that one of the resources they referenced was an old blog post of mine on the topic; so maybe that's a decent place to start and see what's worked out, what hasn't, and what new circumstances necessarily change strategy.

My Workflow

Like many of you, I've tried (and abandoned) many different systems and tools over the years to support an effective and sustainable personal workflow. After using the same system for a few months now, I think I may have found something that works for me.

Sublime Text Multiple Cursors: Getting OSX out of the Way

I had been ignoring this inconvenience for a bit because it wasn’t something that was hugely messing up my workflow…until this morning, where I needed to grab a table of stuff from a Web site and massage it into an array. For this, the column-based multiple cursor feature of Sublime Text is a huge time saver. The problem is [was] that the command to do this on OSX is command+shift+up/down arrow, and by default, these keyboard shortcuts are mapped to the Mission Control (ctrl+up reveals Mission Control while ctrl+down reveals all open application windows).

On Juggling

I realize that there are entire shelves worth of books on this subject, but enough people have asked me about my approach to juggling all of the email, meetings, and various deliverables at Microsoft that I figured I would add my 2 cents to the corpus in hopes that maybe it might provide one extra nugget to someone. As surprising as it may seem (it does to me much of the time), I also have a life outside of Microsoft that is pretty hectic in its own right, including training content authoring, independent consulting, church commitments, and most importantly, my wife and 3 daughters.