Your Web API is Not the WWW

One of the most common techniques used by the REST faithful to shut down any questioning of the faith is to appeal to the WWW. This post attempts to establish the fallacy of such an appeal.

A Question on Aggregate APIs and Microservices

I received the following question from one of our service teams last week and thought it was likely the type of issue that a lot of you are dealing with (or have solved) in our current world of 'microservice all the thingz!'

My Reading List, Spring 2018 Edition

Every now and then, somebody asks me what I'm reading. Here's the current list.

The Win-Win of Mock Interviewing

Hosting new devs for mock interviewing provides development opportunities for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

I Don't Work for a Technology Company

I don't work for a technology company...and it's likely you don't either.