An API by Any Other Version

Version 3 of my thoughts on API versioning. Spoiler: It's all just about names.

Thoughts on a Next Generation API Gateway

Today's API Gateway products are geared towards addressing deficiencies in upstream services rather than adding unique value. I have some thoughts on what a next-generation, value-adding gateway might look like.

My Workflow

Like many of you, I've tried (and abandoned) many different systems and tools over the years to support an effective and sustainable personal workflow. After using the same system for a few months now, I think I may have found something that works for me.

On Disappointment

This morning, I received word of a decision that I've been waiting on for a few months now. Unfortunately, it was not the outcome I had hoped for.

Technology Divergence and Conway's Law

Conway's law is an observation that "Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure". As a developer, it's easy to believe that this dynamic is the result of management decisions - however, sometimes the reality is more nuanced.